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5 tips for pricing your preloved kids’ stuff that’ll make it sell fast and save you time

One of the top questions parents and carers ask us is ‘how should I price my stuff?’

We get it.  You want to make sure you’re getting a good, fair price for your items, but you also want to ensure they’re priced competitively so they sell quickly. So we’ve put together this quick guide to pricing to help you out.


If you’re short on time, here’s our top tip:  Apply the 50-30-10 rule.

Near-to-new items in very good condition should go for roughly 50% of their recommended retail price (RRP).  Used items, in good condition and with plenty of life left, should be priced around 30% of the RRP and well-loved items with a lot of wear and tear (we’re thinking nursery bundles here!) should be priced at up to 10% of the RRP.


  1. Research the market: Before you start pricing your items, do some research. Know the current retail price and then check out the market rate by looking at similar items listed on Klovr.  If there are three listings for the Fisher Price Jumperoo priced around £25, it’s unlikely you’ll sell yours for £40.  
  2. Consider the condition: If it’s missing a wheel, has a few stains or a bite mark – be honest!  This is a preloved marketplace, after all and we’re all parenting little people with a knack for destruction. No one wants to arrive at the pick-up location to find out they’ve been misled.  The reality is, the better the condition, the better the price you will get.
  3. Set a fair price: While you want to make sure you’re getting a fair price for your items, it’s important to remember that they are preloved and even if you bought them brand new, at full price, they will sell for a lot less than their original retail price. Some brands and products are more desirable than others and command a higher price, even when preloved (we’ll save that for another blog!)
  4. Bundle items: If you have several items to sell, Klovr enables you sell in bundles to create a package deal.  This can be an effective way to sell multiple items at once and often results in a higher total sale price.
  5. Be flexible:  Finally…. remember that pricing is not an exact science and it’s important to be realistic about what you can expect to get for your items.  We often have an emotional connection to items too which makes it harder to sell if you aren’t also recouping your costs but buyers are ultimately looking for a good deal.  You may also need to adjust your prices as you go along if your items aren’t selling – consider lowering them if you need to make the sale.  The great thing about selling on Klovr is you can meet the person you’re selling to – it’s so lovely to know that your much loved item is going to a great home and you may even just make a new friend – and that’s priceless.