Five tips for celebrating World Earth Day with kids.

Every day is World Earth Day at Klovr where our raison d’etre is to make the world a better place for our little ones.

The concept originated in the US in 1970 to help raise awareness of environmental issues. Since then, it’s become a global phenomenon, celebrated the world over.  And while (in our view, at least!) we shouldn’t restrict concerns about the earth to just one day, we’re grateful it gives us all a focal point to learn about and discuss environmental issues and ways we can work together to save our earth for future generations.

And it’s a great day to get the kids involved! They are such small ‘sponges’ for learning and even when they are young, it’s great to talk to them about the importance of the earth.  This morning I raised it again with my 4yo, telling him mummy started Klovr to ensure a safe and happy planet for his grandchildren. He helpfully reminded me that he doesn’t have any grandchildren. Ha!

Here are our top 5 tips for celebrating World Earth Day with your children.

1. Connect with nature

What better way to celebrate World Earth Day than to actually get outside and explore nature?

Kids love the spring – they notice so much that we simply don’t see and exploring our flora and fauna, observing wildlife in their natural habitats is a lovely way to learn a bit for ourselves too!

My son is constantly pointing out newly forming buds on trees, daffodils growing in the gardens and birds chirping. I also spend a lot of time explaining how we can help protect biodiversity as we encounter plants, trees, flowers, birds, animals and insects. 

Our number one rule is “take only pictures, leave only footprints” 😊.

This is also a great scene setter for discussing climate change. Even young children can start to understand changes in temperature and the weather and how these pose a fundamental threat to us in the future. We were in New Zealand for Christmas and just after we left, the country experienced one of the worst cyclones in history – we gently explained to our 4yo how climate change was having a serious impact on the world.

2. Organize an Earth Day scavenger hunt or bingo

We tried out Nature Bingo during the Easter school holidays, and my son loved it! 

Together we brainstormed and drew different things we might encounter on our walk including types of flowers and plants, types of birds and insects and even neighbourhood pets.  As we saw each item out ‘in the wild’, he was very excited to mark them off! 

Some, like fallen leaves, blades of grass and a couple of stones from the beach, we brought home and used for crafting.  We painted the stones with little faces – it was a whole day’s worth of entertainment for a 4yo.

3. Hang birdseed ornaments

This is super fun for kids of all ages and you can pretty much use stuff around the house. The best part is seeing the kids faces when the birds come to feed!

  • Suitable containers little yoghurt pots – we used pinecones
  • Solid vegetable or animal fat – we used peanut butter
  • A selection of bird food – you can buy birdseed or make your own using things like peanut pieces, dried fruit softened with water, cooked rice and breadcrumbs
  • String to hang the feeder

4. Celebrate with music or books that inspire and inform

Songs are great for helping little ones develop abilities like rhyming, recall, expression, communication, and vocabulary and also aid in early reading skills.

For young ones you could try some of the nursery rhyme classics: 

  • The ants go marching (this is a fave for our family on long car journeys!)
  • Old MacDonald
  • There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden
  • Incy Wincy Spider

If it’s books you’re after, here’s a selection of our faves:

  • The Earth Book by Todd Parr.
  • One Tree by Green Start.
  • Curious George Plants a Tree by Margret and H.A. Rey.
  • The Earth and I by Frank Asch.
  • The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.
  • Compost Stew by Mary McKenna Siddals.
  • Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf by Olivia Bouler.
  • The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

5. Get them involved in resale!

You joined Klovr for a reason. And even if your main motivator was making and saving money (we get it, everyone is tightening your belt), you’ll be aware of and enjoying the benefits of knowing that your efforts are helping the planet.

Kids love to be involved!  Ask them to choose books or toys they don’t read or use anymore and explain that together you’ll be passing them on to another lovely family who will enjoy them.   

We recently went to the Toy Swap organized by Pelican Parcels (Brighton & Hove’s baby bank) and my son loved the idea of choosing toys and books from his collection to donate and then taking away something Pelican Parcels has been gifted but is unable to donate to its families in need (they can’t pass on things with batteries in, for example).  It’ a great cause for an incredibly important charity.

If you’re selling on Klovr, bigger kids could even be involved in the photography!  One less job for you!  And you might also like to give them the option of selling something and keeping the cash so they are really invested in the process and can choose something new for themselves.

Now there’s another great way to spend World Earth Day!  Enjoy x